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In a career spanning three decades, Madonna has produced a record-breaking run of hit singles and albums, starred in—and directed—films, and staged some of the highest-grossing concert tours of all time. But she is more than just a pop singer and actress. She is an icon of our times, and one who has continued to reinvent both herself and the very nature of celebrity ever since she first appeared, with 'Holiday' in 1983.

Madonna is a richly illustrated, chronological guide to every album, every tour, every film, and more. It covers the key collaborators, the countless controversies, the ever-changing fashions, and everything in between, with pull-out timelines for each phase of Madonna's career. From "Vogue" to Ray of Light, The Girlie Show to the Sticky & Sweet Tour, the Sex book to The English's all here.

A 208 page beautifully crafted hardcover book, telling the whole story of Madonna: from her humble beginnings to her record breaking Sticky & Sweet World Tour. This is the most concise chronologically documented book of one of the world's most famous entertainer.

This beautiful publication makes the perfect coffee table book with the most precise and detailed history of Madonna's career.

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