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Running Time: 60 Min | Release Date: 1979 | DVD Release Date: 2003 | Region: All | Audio: Dolby Digital

Certain to shock, certain to be talked about, and certain to be a collector’s item.

A Certain Sacrifice stars a then-unknown 20-year old named Madonna. She plays Bruna, a sexy, street-wise girl surviving in New York’s Lower East Side.

After she is brutally assaulted in a coffe shop, Bruna and her dedicated gang of friends set out for revenge ... leading to a shocking ending.


Shot in 1979, before Madonna soared to pop superstardom, A Certain Sacrifice typifies the raw-edged, quick-cut style of today’s rock videos.

Director Stephen Jon Lewicki brings excitement, energy and a unique visual flair to this early experimental film. Film, Rock and Video buffs (as well as Madonna fans)

won’t want to miss this rare glimpse at a very early chapter in the history of a living pop legend!


Originally shot on Super 8mm in 1979, this film exhibits a raw and intimate experimental film style. 


* Due to the limitations of the original medium, some technical inconsistencies may be apparent. 


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