Steven Klein's X-STaTIC Pro=CeSS The Videos DVD
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Running Time: 22 Min | Release Date: 2004 | Region: All | Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital

Photographer Steven Klein is famed for iconic fashion shoots and provocative celebrity portraits. Now he’s created an exhibition with Madonna titled: “X-STaTIC PRo=Cess”.

This is Steven Klein’s most accomplished and idiosyncratic artwork. His collaboration with Madonna including 44 pages in the April 2003 W Magazine, a massive video installation at Deitch Projects (New York City), and a fat, limited-edition artist's book masquerading as that show's catalog, is the capper to several years' worth of drop-dead audacious magazine spreads, covers, and ad campaigns that have made Klein fashion photography's auteur of the moment.

X-STaTIC PRo=Cess: The Videos, is a collection of five amazing videos from the photo sessions:
Beast, Coyote, Kidney, Bed and Queen. These videos were also the eye-catching opening images in 2004’s Madonna’s Re-invention Tour providing a breathless stage embellishment combined with a special remix of The Beast Within.

In the end, of course, this fantasy of debasement, isolation, and yoga exercises becomes yet another milestone of Madonna's relentless reinvention, but since that sort of start-again-from-scratch transformation has become Steven Klein's specialty, too, their collaboration is as spectacular as it was inevitable.


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