The Making Of Sex DVD
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Running Time: 57 Min | Release Date: 1992 | DVD Release Date: 2007 | Region: All | Audio: Dolby Digital

See the Sex Book in motion.

An exciting visual film documentary of the making of the Sex Book. 
As a piece of art the book alone is one of a kind, it was originally all shot as a movie.

Photographer Steven Meisel shot many of the sessions with regular photography, while fashion photographer Fabian Baron shot the sessions on video (including super 8 mm).

Baron used the footage for the video for the song Erotica, which he directed as well.

The film shows all the scenes from the book in motion picture adorned with a soundtrack of French music from the 1920s and '30s. Featuring songs by such singers as Charles Trenet, Edith Piaf, Maurice Chevalier, and Joséphine Baker.

Also featured in this film are Madonna’s friends: Naomi Campbell, Wesley Snipes, Vanilla Ice, Ingrid Casares and more.

Madonna is included in all of the scenes.

*Due to the type of genre that this documentary was filmed, most scenes were intended to look grainy or worn out, this is normal.


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