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Running Time: 60 Min | DVD Release Date: 2001 | Region: All | Audio: Dolby Digital

A collection of five short films created by some of the movie industry's best talent. In each film, Clive Owen stars as The Driver, whose skill behind the wheel becomes critical to the film's plot. Sub-stories directed by Ben Younger provide an underlying plot linking each film to the next. The sub-stories can be accessed through Special Features. Madonna stars in "Star" (in collaboration with husband director Guy Richie) a beautiful rock star who always gets what she wants. Very scarce and rare to find, this collection of short films is very exciting as it is interesting. This is a promotional DVD produced by BMW.


Directed by John Frankenheimer

On a dark freeway, a van swerves close to The Driver. From its open side door, masked gunmen threaten to fire unless The Driver stops and surrenders his passengers,

a man the accuse of smuggling diamonds. It's a simple choice: do or die.



Directed by Ang Lee

The Driver meets a ship carrying an eight-year-old Tibetean boy at a dark, deserted New York shipyard. But he's not the only one waiting. The result is a thrilling, yet beautiful, tale filled with mystery.


The Follow

Directed by Won Kar-Wai

The cunning and tactics of trailing another car quickly evolve into a mystery rife with deceit, as The Driver is hired to follow a woman accused of cheating on her famous husband. You'll relish every turn in this drama of mistrust.



Directed by Guy Ritchie

The Driver faces perhaps his most perplexing challenge: a hugely talented and beautiful rock star who always gets what she wants. See Clive Owen and Madonna star in a battle of power against power.


Powder King

Directed by Alejandro González Iñarritu

Soldiers patrol fields surrounding a rural village in search of a photojournalist who has snapped a picture certain to unite the world against their leader. The Driver is sent in as the photojournalist's only hope of escape


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